Thursday, October 24, 2013

Progress at

I've been blogging about my experiences on  I know that there are other families out there where getting health insurance is absolutely critical to both physical health and financial security.  I'm hoping our experience can help others do better.

And making fun of it helps me feel better.

Tuesday night, I made some progress on  I made it farther than I thought possible, so maybe there is some hope for the thing.  However, I found myself in a corner I could not get out of.

About 11:30 PM on Tuesday, I bopped over to  My old user name and password continue to not work, so I opened a new account.  Surprisingly, I received my confirmation email right away and was able to access the site.

It asked for information on where I live, my birthday, whether I smoke, and my social security number.  I hope I won't regret it, but I supplied the information.  I also went through the same set of questions for my wife.

I got to the part where it asks about subsidies.  It asks for no detail, but just asks how much we make.  That's a tough number to derive for us, so I made my best guess.  Keep in mind that if you do this for yourself, to get a good idea of the amount of subsidy it's not just your wages that count, it's any investments, capital gains, interest, and even social security payments that count.

After all that, I got this report.

How do you make a question mark in a box symbol?  I don't know, but this website is good at it.

It did tell us what our tax credit should be at the estimated income level.  Who knows if it's right.

We were also able to get a bunch of family plan quotes.  My own policy is a grandfathered, high deductible, HSA compatible plan.  If it were an exchange policy, it would be better than a silver and almost as good as a gold plan, but a lot cheaper than either.  So I'm thinking I will keep it.  My wife's BCBSM plan however will be cancelled as of the end of this year, so we have to replace it.

Crashola time!  You apparently can't go back and rerun a family plan application as an individual application.  I think we'll probably just buy directly from the insurance company.  That means we'll be ineligible for the tax credit, but we can survive without it and even though we'll miss the money, at least we'll know we're covered.

I reviewed the plan details for BCBSM from both and their own site and was disturbed to find that some of the plan details did not match up.  In other words, the benefits listed in one place did not match those in the other.  Oh well, I guess that's good for insurance lawyers.  And generally speaking, what's good for insurance lawyers is good for me.

I just don't have confidence in this system.  And when you buy insurance, that's what you're buying.  You want to be able to sleep at night knowing everything will be OK.  This system does not create those feelings, it just breeds anxiety.

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