Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Little Progress on and Great Success at BCBSM

Tuesday, I detailed my Day 1 misadventure through the exchange.  Today, I have a bit of good news.

I tried to get onto early this morning.  I got the now familiar "too many visitors" screen.  I have to admit, I think this is about as pretty a wait screen as I've ever seen.

It said to wait, so I went about my daily routine.  I had forgotten I had even tried to log in, but noticed that the browser was still open.  I was able to login, set up a user name, and get to the security questions.  On Day 1, the dropdown menus did not work, just showing blank entries.  However, I got this today.

After recovering from feeling sad that I don't know either of my grandmother's nicknames, I filled in a couple of questions.  The site accepted my answers and sent me an email.  I received a confirmation email, hit the link there, and got the "Success" page.

Now we're cooking!  I hit the green "continue" button in the lower right corner, but that was the end of the line.

So access denied was the end today.  I was not able to log in with my new, hard won user name and password.

I went over to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's website.  It turns out that you can enter the information there to find out how much their policies cost and what the coverages will be.  I was able to confirm which of our doctor's are in their networks.  In addition, they have a calculator that computes the subsidies based on income.  In short, it does the kinds of things was supposed to do. The only downside is that you only get their policies, whereas is supposed to give competitive options from many companies.

So kudos to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.  If you live in Michigan, you should be able to get a good idea of where you stand by going there.

Let's have a few Obamacare headlines:

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