Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Today's Obamacare--More On Unions

Yesterday (Labor Day), I asked why unions would support Obamacare?  It places high taxes on good health plans and will almost surely limit benefits going forward.  If you have a really good union health plan, it seems foolish to give it up.

Apparently, some union members are asking the exact same question.  40,000 longshoremen of the ILWU are leaving the AFL-CIO, citing Obamacare as the reason.  They don't like AFL-CIO's stand on immigration as well.

I have several links regarding this story below and I won't dwell on it.  But it does seem that waiting until the law was about to become effective to protest was not a good strategy.  Perhaps they should have done something sooner.

On to Today's Obamacare headlines:

Rightwing Rants
Company's reduce benefits in response to Obamacare.

Obamacare hinders recovery.

Sen. Reid says Obamacare is stepping stone to government single pay scheme.

ILWU dumps AFL-CIO over Obamacare.

Unions are unhappy with Obamacare.

ILWU leaves AFL-CIO over Obamacare.

Unions frustrated with Obamacare.

Unions feel duped by Obamacare.

Leftwing Cheerleading
Obamacare finds it Bull Connor.

Obamacare hurts fast food minimum wage increase efforts.

Hard News
Obamacare needs young people to buy insurance to succeed.

Tallying Obamacare's cost in Illinois.

TEA Party seeks referendum on Medicaid expansion in Arizona.

How college students fit into Obamacare scheme.

Million sign petition to defund Obamacare.

Sen. Heller of Nevada says Congress and its staff should have Obamacare plans.

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