Thursday, September 5, 2013

Some Things to Consider When Choosing a Healthcare Policy

Yesterday, I attended a seminar put on by the Health Care Law section of the State Bar of Michigan.  I met many competent, dedicated professionals who are working to implement the new health care law.  Some of the lawyers I met were in private practice, others worked in-house for hospitals, and some were in the finance end of the business.  They face many challenges but I feel they will be up for them.

I spoke with a few people about how they expect Obamcare/PPACA to affect business and access for the average person.  There were some common themes.

  • Many medical providers do not accept Medicaid.  Medicaid does not pay enough to make it worth it.  If you become newly eligible for Medicaid, don't expect to be able to go to any hospital or doctor you choose.
  • I received mixed messages on whether the exchange policies will suffer the stigma attached to Medicaid.  Some people said that their system might accept the exchange policies but others said they might not.  It will pay to check both the network information provided by insurance company as well as confirming with your own doctors whether they will accept a particular policy.
  • Don't assume that networks are the same for all policies from a given insurance company.  For example, if you have a Blue Cross policy now don't assume that it will have the same network associated with it next year.  If keeping a particular doctor or hospital is important to you, you will need to check with both the insurer and doctor to make sure the policy will work.

Most of the seminar was not on the impact of PPACA in particular, but it came up several times.  One resource that some will find useful is the white papers from Michigan State Bar on health care exchanges.  Providers are struggling to move their pricing models over to that called for by the new environment.  And if you really want to give yourself a headache, the tax issues for non-profit hospitals would be a good place to start.

Now, for Today's Obamacare headlines:

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Left Wing Cheerleading

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21 states ban abortion coverage.

Obamcare could be disaster for GOP.

Ted Cruz is addicted to Obamacare.

Ted Cruz lies about Obamacare.

Maryland hires Ravens to support Obaamcare rollout.

Hard News

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Bill Clinton calls on Republicans to help make Obamacare work.

New York Q&A regarding adult child remaining on parent's policy when offered insurance through work.

Interactive map shows expected increases in cost of individual plans.

Obamacare startup helps companies identify workers eligible for Medicaid.

For Industry Professionals

PPACA ad blitz begins.

Is PPACA like Medicare?

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