Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Small Business Guide to Obamacare--Kindle Version

I'm working to get more details on the required disclosures for employers, with the deadline of October 1.  I want to give you all details on the penalties for failing to comply.  We should have that for you tomorrow.

In the meantime, the Small Business Guide to Obamacare now has a Kindle version.  It's available at Amazon, just click the box to the right.  If it's not there now, it should be in a few hours.

Here are Today's Obamacare headlines.

Rightwing Rants

Obamacare relies on outdated assumptions.

Obamacare rollout gives marketing a bad name.

Obamacare navigators and identity theft.

Mort Zuckerman predicts 50% of workforce will be part-time.

Conservative plans to reform health care.

Time Warner dumps retirees into exchanges.

Obamacare's job destruction continues.

IBM dumps retirees into exchanges.

Exempt America rally coming up.

Leftwing Cheerleading

Obamacare will make us smarter healthcare consumers.

Understanding Obamacare in 3 1/2 minutes.

Cutting through the Obamacare hysteria.

Republicans obstruct Obamacare and that's bad.

HHS and Obamacare.

Hard News

What retirees need to know about Obamacare.

How Obamacare will change your life.

Obamacare tax guide for individuals.

IBM and Time Warner end coverage for retirees.

For Industry Insiders

Delaying individual mandate would save $35B.

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