Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Handy Checklist for PPACA Compliance

I came across this handy checklist for Obamacare compliance from Amy Gallager of the Cornerstone Group.  If you are an employer you could do worse than printing out her list and taking it with you to see your advisors would be a good idea.  You can then run down that list and address each item.  It won't guarantee you won't get in trouble, but you can greatly increase your odds of success.

If you want more detail on the new Obamacare law, you should check out The Small Business Guide to Obamacare.  I try to give the rules to you as straight as I can, without political posturing or whining.  If you just want to figure out what you can and can't do under the new health law, please read my book.

Now for Today's Obamacare headlines:

Rightwing Rants

Republicans seek end game to Obamacare showdown.

Obamacare is killing employer provided health insurance.

Pelosi looks forward to Obamacare liberation.

Leftwing Cheerleading

Republicans could have healed Obamacare.

Despite the technical glitches, Obamacare will be great.

Plenty of reasons to delay Obamacare.

Hard News

Obamacare divides Republican contenders.

For Industry Insiders

U.S. Territories face PPACA risks.

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